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"My leadership skills have been forged in some of the toughest conditions during my service in the Nebraska State Patrol, the United States Army, and private business.  You can trust me to hold fast to conservative values and do the right things for our students.  I look forward to continuing my public service on our Lincoln Board of Education."
Support Our Teachers

The root cause to many of our issues is class size.  Reducing the class size improves a teacher’s work environment and reduces stress which will result in retaining more teachers.  I support pay incentives for priority teacher positions in our underserved schools and special education.  My policy positions will protect teacher planning time because that directly impacts quality of instruction.  Adding counselors and behavioral technicians is essential to help our teachers and students navigate behavioral problems caused by school closings.  Most of all, I'll meet teachers where they're at to hear their concerns and gain their perspective.

School Security

Schools needs to be the safest space for our children, teachers, and staff.  My experience conducting threat assessments for political figures and public facilities makes me the most qualified candidate to address school safety in our district.  I will leverage past relationships and expertise to build on existing safety programs in the district.

Nebraska Values

I am proud to represent the conservative values that so many of us hold dear. I promise to stand up for these values when I am representing District 6 on the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education.

Fiscal Sanity

The overall expenditures of the Lincoln Public School District has increased by 70% in ten years.  I'll use my business background to point the district towards cuts far away from the classroom.  With my logistics and total quality management experience I have the competencies to identify and eliminate duplicative and non-value-added processes.  Creating efficient processes saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary positions. 

Special Education

I will be an ally for parents and teachers advocating for students in special education.  My efforts will hold the district accountable for providing high-quality services to students with special needs.  My policies will support early intervention and early identification of disabilities.  We need to focus efforts on training and retaining highly qualified special education teachers and provide incentives to work in underserved schools.  I support increased collaboration between schools, families, and healthcare providers to ensure students receive the most comprehensive support services.  I'll work to empower families and local communities to make informed decisions about special education, while ensuring that all students have access to the resources they need to succeed.

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